Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saturday Inverness Ramble and Check-in

This week was a good one. I went to one on my favourite spots with my students. Hornby Island, BC. There is amazing outdoor education center where students work together to overcome challenges and take risks. Awesome place eh?

It was a great place for me to be too, not only to support my students in taking risks but reflecting about this past year about my own.

Hornby has always been a zen place for me. Everything about the Island is beautiful, the beaches, the landscape, the people, and I always feel like time really slows down over there and you can breathe a little deeper. The rush and hub-bub of life goes away, and things become more simple and more clear. I am not kidding here. You really have to go there to believe it.

Even though I could not participate in all the activities like the climbing tower, leap of faith and high ropes courses, because of my shoulder, I enjoyed walking on the beautiful beaches and hiking through the forest. I read my book as my students enjoyed a boat tour to the surrounding Islands, and drank in the sunshine.

I was only there 2 days, but it was enough to get my head and heart back in line where I need them to be. I have been successful at losing weight this year, and successful at putting it back on. I find myself in a place again, where I do not want to be. But as a teacher I have to look at it like a lesson. Sometimes students learn lessons quickly and move on. Some students struggle, and need assistance learning the lesson before it finally clicks. I never thought myself as one of those students, but I guess I am. This lesson for me has been one of the hardest to learn, but in the end will be the one I remember the most.

As I take each step, moving closer towards my goal, the breathing becomes easier, and as I lose each pound the strain becomes less. So grateful to have lost 3 of them this week...nice to be back in the right head space and in tune with what I really seek for myself.

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