Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Should I keep this blog?

I have been wrestling with that question for awhile. I haven't written anything here for months because we moved from our Inverness home. So when I think of this blog "Thoughts From Inverness" I feel kind of melancholy. We moved to a beautiful home in town. It's closer to work, to my horse, to beautiful walking trails. But we truly left something behind. I always thought of the Inverness home as a gift. A beautiful healing paradise a block away from the beach. And it was just that. I had my gorgeous little office upstairs with a view of the ocean, and the writing flowed there. I finished my Masters degree there. I fell in love with my husband again there. I started this blog there. But as all good things eventually come to an end so did "Inverness".

I think I will keep this blog going. Out of respect for a place I dearly loved, that let my fingers type away the ramblings in my brain.

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