Saturday, May 23, 2009

Naturopath Visit.

Well yesterday I went for my Naturopath appointment. I have been going to see her since the end of November 2008. She is a wonderful woman who is helping me get to a healthier place. Since November, I have lost 25 pounds, and am on the road to shedding the unwanted excess of twelve years of unhappiness. I often look back and wonder why I wasted twelve years of my life in this state, but I had to go through those experiences in the 12 years to get to the place I am now. Which is ready to live.
I have hit a plateau with my weight loss. It is partly due to the fact that I am having a hard time staying away from sugar, and partly do to the fact that I don't eat enough small meals throughout the day, so that when I do eat I gorge.
Yesterday at my appointement my Naturopath said I am on the verge of diabetes, and we need to get my blood sugar under control, and insulin levels back to normal. When I look at pictures like the one above I almost don't recognize the outer shell of me. I have come a long way in these last few months, reducing my BMI by five points and losing 25 pounds, but that is not enough. This is a journey I am on until I get it right. Losing 75 more pounds will put me into a healthy BMI category, and that's my goal. The weight, and my eating habits are causing my body not not function properly, and exericise which once was enjoyable, is becoming harder because I'm injuring myself carrying around all this extra weight.
So yesterday, I worked out a diet plan with my Naturopath, and this morning I am going for a walk. Starting with small steps to success. When I think of getting off track I have a question to ask myself. Why are you trying to cheat yourself out of more time living a healthy life? The only person that can get me to a healthier spot is me, and the only person preventing me from getting to a healthier place is me. And yersterday, ME got a wake-up call.
So as I blog from down here on Inverness, I am going to also document my journey from this moment on. How one day at the Naturopath, changed my life.

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