Sunday, May 24, 2009

Saying No to Chips.

I love to watch movies late at night when it's quiet and dark outside. I'm not a scary movie fan per say, because I have found I can't go to sleep if I watch them, but I like to escape into a good story, and for 2 hours be transformed somewhere else.
One of the habits that I got into of late was snacking while I watch, and I have to admit that the snacks were not always nutritional. Chips were my favourite. But since my "on the verge of diabetes diagnosis" I am forcing myself to log on a website called Sparkpeople, everything that goes into my body. I am learning that if you eat chips on top of everything else you eat in a day, that would be consuming tremendous amounts of fat. I thought I was eating healthy, and maybe the meals I was eating were healthy, but when you add everything together, it is too much. I was eating way too much, and adding foods that would spike my blood sugar, and then I would crash. It's all starting to make sense.
It's starting to make sense. It's like someone has turned on a light switch. It's one thing to hear about living healthy, is another to live that way. And through trial and error, and making the choice of a healthy life I am choosing LIFE. On movie nights when I want a snack, I'll trade chips for popcorn. Making movie time enjoyable for me, and my waistline.

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