Monday, May 18, 2009

Thoughts from Inverness

This is my first attempt at blogging. Others are doing it. Why shouldn't I? I used to spend hours writing in a journal, and today felt like writing again. I am spending a lot of time infront of the computer these days finishing my action research project for my Masters degree, and thought I would try what others are already doing...Blogging.

I am living in a rental house on Inverness which is very close to the beach. It is more than I would like to spend on a rental, but I deserved to live somewhere relaxing and nice, so I am renting a lifestyle. I am not overspending on the day to day things, just on the rent.

What drew me to the place was the character of the house and the beautiful yard. I love to garden you see, and have spent every summer for the past ten years gardening for my Uncle on his beautiful property, and this summer I am not. For the first time since I started working at fifteen, I am taking my summer off. I plan on working on my finishing my Masters degree in Educational Leadership, and tinkering around in my own yard. I am calling it my sanctuary, my escape from the everyday. I feel I want to be here more and more, and find myself taking fewer trips to town. It is a wonderful breathing space, and I am looking forward to getting acquainted with it as the season goes on.

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